Chromecast App for Windows 10

Chromecast App for Windows 10 : Entertainment has always been on the most important things that we can do with our gadgets. This also includes the usage of home computers and laptop. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft also offers more abilities and features that you can do with your PC. One of those things is connecting your Windows 10 with your TV by using Chromecast App for Windows 10. This is great especially if you like streaming videos, but your PC screen is too small for your enjoyment. Here are some great catch that you should know about this.

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Reviews of Chromecast App for Windows 10

As you know, the main function of Chromecast device is the ability to cast media from your PC or phone to your TV system so that you can enjoy them more comfortably with larger screen. The catch about this is that you can now forget about using long and messy HDMI or VGA cables and go directly with wireless technology. So, if all this time you have been streaming your videos of movies and TV series from your browser, using Chromecast should be the next level for you to see them on your TV set.How to download chromecast app for windows 10 laptop setup

How to download chromecast app for windows 10 laptop setup? Please follow our guide here

Not only that Chromecast App for Windows 10 will be suitable for Google Chrome, but you can also use it for various browsers as well, namely the newly released Microsoft Edge. With Edge, you can simply install the extension on the browser and go straightly from there to cast your pictures, music or videos. This will also apply to other browsers too, such as Chrome.

But before you can do that, make sure that you have connected your Chromecast device to the USB port of your TV. After that, go to Chromecast website to download the main app that should be installed on your Windows 10 system. This app will allow the extension that you have on browsers to work flawlessly.

This newly updated app for your windows 10 is also promised to be more secure than before, which means that you will not have to worry about your personal data being hacked by other parties.

Other thing that might need to be able to enjoy your new experience of video casting is a working connection. Make sure that you have a Wi-Fi connection with capable speed so that you will not have any delay on the casting. Also, connect both the TV and PC that you stream the media on the same network connection. Otherwise, both will fail to cast and receive the feed.

A great thing about this is that it will also work on previous versions of Windows as well. The only downside is that you will need to use Chrome and not Edge since Edge is not available for Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

On the minus side, you should know that Chromecast App for Windows 10 will not be able to cast streams that you get from Netflix, Hulu or any other content protected sources. This might blow for some people, but some sources said that future updates might be able to support those features. So, fingers crossed.

Please follow our guide here to extend windows 10 pc on HDMI TV using chromecast app


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